9 Epic Drone Photos of Paradise - The Maldives - Away Lands
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9 Epic Drone Photos of Paradise – The Maldives



Anyone that knows us by now, knows that our favorite things in the world are:

  1. Tropical Beaches
  2. Outdoor Activities
  3. Tacos
  4. Droning

Going to the Maldives was such a dream destination for us, one of the few places at the very top of our list that at first we thought we could only dream of going to. Being able to spend a week here – from seaplane rides, to the clearest water, to endless tropical fish felt endless. While we may have been lacking in tacos, this tiny little island gave us everything else we could have dreamed – and the chance to fly in actual drone paradise.


AwayLands_AmayaMaldives2017_010 AwayLands_AmayaMaldives2017_006

AwayLands_AmayaMaldives2017_005 AwayLands_AmayaMaldives2017_007 AwayLands_AmayaMaldives2017_008 AwayLands_AmayaMaldives2017_003 AwayLands_AmayaMaldives2017_002 AwayLands_AmayaMaldives2017_004

An Island all to ourselves!


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