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Dressing Locally in Sri Lanka

AwayLands_SriLanka-Fusion14_002 AwayLands_SriLanka-Fusion14_001

In preparation for our week in the Southern beaches in Sri Lanka, I stopped by the best little boutique in Colombo, Fusion 14 for some locally designed and crafted pieces. I’ve always been a huge fan of dressing up to match the theme of my surroundings (see What I wore in the Sahara Desert and my attempt at being a Game of Thrones princess in the Sevilla Alcazar), but didn’t want to feel like I was wearing a costume, since Sri Lanka is such a beautiful and modern country. Being able to wear clothing from a local designer, with silks sourced from India felt like I was being true to the modern place I was in – something I hope to do much more of in our future travels.


I was immediately obsessed with this top – I can’t wait to get back to cooler climates to wear it with jeans.


AwayLands_SriLanka-Fusion14_006 AwayLands_SriLanka-Fusion14_007 AwayLands_SriLanka-Fusion14_008   AwayLands_SriLanka-Fusion14_005

Galle Fort, the Dutch fort from the 1600’s is such a beautiful, amazing site here. It feels like you’re in an old European world – nowhere near the tropical beaches so nearby.


AwayLands_SriLanka-Fusion14_011 AwayLands_SriLanka-Fusion14_010 AwayLands_SriLanka-Fusion14_009

Beautiful silks at our amazing hotel, Cantaloupe Levels.



AwayLands_AsiaTour2016_019   AwayLands_SriLanka-Fusion14_013 AwayLands_SriLanka-Fusion14_012

One of my most favorite things we saw in Sri Lanka was the train up the cost. Not only is the view stunning, the train is an experience all in itself – with wide open side doors no matter how fast the train is moving, and the most beautiful textures. This trip we didn’t have the chance to take the train up through the mountains and over the famous bridge passes – but I know next time we will.


All tops and dresses by Fusion 14.




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