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Wandering Real-Life Dorne – The Alcazar of Seville

2016-04-Spain-Sevilla_1070 2016-04-Spain-Sevilla_1054

The very top of our list for Sevilla was, of course, it’s most popular attraction – the Dorne Water Gardens. I mean the Alcazar Palace of Sevilla – the Royale Palace dating back to the 14th Century. The palace and gardens were just as beautiful and ornate as you can expect from such a historic place – the detail in every corner and every piece is indescribable.





Getting Lost in Sevilla, Spain

AwayLands_2016-04-Spain-Sevilla_0087   AwayLands_2016-04-Spain-Sevilla_0093

Before we went, I read about Sevilla being “the best city in the world to get lost in”, and being there, that really felt true. Every street in the inner city is winding and turning, and it is impossible to get from any two points in a straight line if they are more than a block apart. But as you’re twisting and turning, everything around you is so beautiful, the labyrinth of it all just make the experience better. The Andalusian mix of old European and Arabic and Moorish styles is so lush and distinct, and everywhere – from the architecture, to the art and the food. Wandering Sevilla felt like just walking into another world. Or Game of Thrones.




New Video Launch – Into The Sahara

During our research for this trip, we came across, over and over again, that drones were strictly forbidden in Morocco, and often confiscated at customs on entry. After a lot of discussion, we decided to be safe and practical and not bring it – and take the ban as a creative challenge. Can we make a video just as good without underwater, aerials, gopro and everything else that went into the last one? So we focused on just simple, great, cinematography, and I’m so proud of what we’ve done.


Eating Our Way Across Spain



I was so excited to travel to a place where I didn’t have to give a second thought to the food or water, after traveling to Southeast Asia, Mexico, and Cuba recently. I am generally worried about getting sick, and try to be cautious when traveling about what I eat and drink, but Spain was such a welcome relief – we could eat anything! We could drink water from the tap! Salads!

And that doesn’t even begin to delve into the flavors, the fresh produce, the Jamon Iberico, or the life-changing orange juice. We had so much fun just eating and Cava-ing our way across the Country, from Madrid to Sevilla to Barcelona – going out to long dinners, late every night, ordering Copa after Copa (how can you not when they are less than €2.00?) and waking up in the morning to espresso, pastries, and have I mentioned the orange juice?




The Alchemist’s Trail



Before setting out on our trip to Asia, but after already booking the next trip, Brandon and I both read The Alchemist, the long-famous book about traveling in search of your destiny. It wasn’t until reading the book that we discovered we had already planned to take the same journey the boy in the book does: across Andalusia, Spain, to Morocco and then by camel trek into the Sahara Desert. The boy in the book sets out to take that trek all the way to the pyramids in Egypt, so we didn’t complete his destiny, but found our own epiphanies and dreamed our own dreams during our travel re-creation. Over the next few weeks I’ll be sharing photos, stories, and our next film from the Alchemist’s Trail.