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Shoot Weekend in West Dover, Vermont

AwayLands_Vermont_201607_02 AwayLands_Vermont_201607_35


We met Philip Gilpin, the founder of Vermontime back in March, and started talking about coming up to Vermont to shoot a video project about the area. Then we waited, and waited and waited, for it to be summer, and green, and then a last-minute reschedule when a “twenty-year-storm” rolled in on our shoot weekend – but we finally made it! And completely fell in love with the area over three days. We brought four friends with us to join and round out the cast for the video, and the whole weekend I had moments where I stopped and thought: “I can’t believe this is actually my job” – staying in a cabin with friends, being active and outdoors, being creative and shooting, the weekend was a combination of all of my absolute favorite things and it felt like I just made up my own dream job.