Cruising Through Ha Long Bay, Vietnam - Away Lands
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Cruising Through Ha Long Bay, Vietnam




Ha Long Bay is a wonderland, like nowhere else in the world. The limestone islands are similar to the ones we saw in Thailand and the ones we hope to see in The Philippines – but they are endless. The scene goes on for miles and miles – in a way you can’t fathom from the ground, even with the drone up thousands of feet, you can’t reach the end of these islands. The waters are glassy and calm and a dark jewel green – and the way the low sun reflects off of it, is just a little different than any place we had ever seen.

At the very end of our journey criss-crossing South East Asia, we flew into Hanoi and took the trek out here to see this wonder of the world, and experience incredibly worth the drive. We spent a couple of nights aboard a wooden cruise ship with Paradise Vietnam – an ultra-luxury experience all in itself.


Positively endless.


AwayLands_HalongBay2016_003   AwayLands_HalongBay2016_002 AwayLands_HalongBay2016_019 AwayLands_HalongBay2016_020 AwayLands_HalongBay2016_022 AwayLands_HalongBay2016_050

A sundeck with a view – and Brandon, as he so often loves to do, living his best James Bond impression.


  AwayLands_HalongBay2016_044 AwayLands_HalongBay2016_008   AwayLands_HalongBay2016_007

The evening light, glowing off the water  made us want to keep shooting until the completely lost the sun – and then the stars out here as we docked between islands were just as incredible.


AwayLands_HalongBay2016_017 AwayLands_HalongBay2016_021 IMG_5764

One of the most incredible sunsets I’ve ever seen.

_DSC1214 AwayLands_HalongBay2016_009

AwayLands_HalongBay2016_018 AwayLands_HalongBay2016_053 AwayLands_HalongBay2016_005 AwayLands_HalongBay2016_004

Isaac, A friend we made along the way! On our cruise we met a family of fellow Brooklyn ex-pats that were living and raising their family in Vietnam. Meeting people a bit older than us, with kids, and still living their best life, still adventuring and doing what they love helped give us so much hope for the future. It’s been so rare to meet people who don’t seem to stop so many parts of their lives once they have kids – people we really hope to emulate some day.


AwayLands_HalongBay2016_052 s AwayLands_HalongBay2016_051 _DSC2139

The floating fishing villages sprinkled throughout the islands – little shacks tied to together on empty drums where entire communities fish, cook, eat, and live.



_DSC2186 _DSC2199 _DSC2202

One final sundown in the bay.



Traditional Bao Dai dress – the outfits of Vietnamese royals. One place we will never, never forget.





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