Desert Golf & Chill at the Westin Mission Hills - Away Lands
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Desert Golf & Chill at the Westin Mission Hills

AwayLands_WestinPalmSprings_026 AwayLands_WestinPalmSprings_003 AwayLands_WestinPalmSprings_047


There’s an irony in that now that we live on the road and are constantly traveling, we spend more time back home in California than I ever have. Eight years of living in NYC meant coming home for a week or two a couple of times a year, and between holidays, family, and friends, it seemed like there was never enough time to do much of anything else besides make the rounds. Now that we are based back in California between travels – despite the non-stop editing schedule, it feels like this is the first time I’ve really explored around this state. From San Diego to the Coachella Valley, it feels like it’s practically the first time I’m seeing most of these places. When Brandon and I first started dating, we drove out to Palm Springs fro a couple of nights and had been wanting to return out to the desert ever since – finally this month we made it happen.

First we took some time to check out Joshua Tree, Desert X, and the famous Superbloom; and then stopped by the Westin Mission Hills for a couple of days of sun and swimming – and my first time ever on a golf course!

AwayLands_WestinPalmSprings_005   AwayLands_WestinPalmSprings_004 AwayLands_WestinPalmSprings_001

The architecture combined with the palms at the resort reminded me of being back in Morocco.

Outfit: Seven Wonders


AwayLands_WestinPalmSprings_040 AwayLands_WestinPalmSprings_006 AwayLands_WestinPalmSprings_008

Skirt: Seven Wonders, Top: Sundry


AwayLands_WestinPalmSprings_038 AwayLands_WestinPalmSprings_015 AwayLands_WestinPalmSprings_036 AwayLands_WestinPalmSprings_016

A few years ago, I was super surprised when Brandon told me how much he loved golfing. And owned his own clubs. And shoes. (What?! That’s a thing that non-old non-politicians actually do?!) We’d been talking about going golfing together to try it out for a while, so when the Westin invited us to play a round on their course, I was really excited to get the chance. According to Brandon, the Pete Dye course that the resort surrounds is used for professional competitions, and one of the most challenging in the area. Not that I would know the difference, but I still spend a LOT of time trying to hit my balls out of the sandtraps.

On A: Shoes – Soludos


AwayLands_WestinPalmSprings_020 AwayLands_WestinPalmSprings_019 AwayLands_WestinPalmSprings_018 AwayLands_WestinPalmSprings_037

I did have a ton of fun:

  1. Attempting to hit the ball
  2. Drinking my favorite beer (Kona brewing company, I love you) at 9AM
  3. And riding on the side of the golf cart all over the course

Top – Seven Wonders, Shorts – Forever 21, Glasses – Sojos


AwayLands_WestinPalmSprings_039 AwayLands_WestinPalmSprings_035 AwayLands_WestinPalmSprings_017

According to Instagram, this was NOT a regulation golf outfit – but I was super into it.


AwayLands_WestinPalmSprings_042 AwayLands_WestinPalmSprings_043 AwayLands_WestinPalmSprings_041

After our round, we stopped by the Mission Hills Spa for their special golf massage – where the masseuse uses golf balls to get deep into your muscles. There were a variety of menthol based oils to choose from (I chose the standard) that cools and makes your muscles tingle – great after a long hot day in the desert sun. This spa also had saunas, steamrooms, and this private hot tub area to really let keep the relaxation going for the next few hours. Ahhhh pleasure.



The palm trees were cool in the day, but when they were all lit up at night – magical.


AwayLands_WestinPalmSprings_013 AwayLands_WestinPalmSprings_010 AwayLands_WestinPalmSprings_011 AwayLands_WestinPalmSprings_012 AwayLands_WestinPalmSprings_014

We had dinner at the Westin’s main restaurant, Pinzimini – and I don’t think I need to say much more than the photos above. We had the most amazing Italian seafood meal and martinis -and were so full by the end we even had to take our desert to go. (I ate the flourless chocolate cake for breakfast.)



AwayLands_WestinPalmSprings_023 AwayLands_WestinPalmSprings_033 AwayLands_WestinPalmSprings_044

But of everything, this is what I came for – the sun, the pool, the actual relaxation….

AwayLands_WestinPalmSprings_028 AwayLands_WestinPalmSprings_029 AwayLands_WestinPalmSprings_030 AwayLands_WestinPalmSprings_034 AwayLands_WestinPalmSprings_032

And the giant waterslide.  We have been the only people over the age of 8 in that waterslide line, but I didn’t care – I LOVE a good waterslide.

Trunks: Sol Angeles


AwayLands_WestinPalmSprings_045 AwayLands_WestinPalmSprings_053

Swimsuit – Show Me Your Mumu, Glasses – Kapten and Sons


AwayLands_WestinPalmSprings_048 AwayLands_WestinPalmSprings_049

This hotel was full of lush grapefruit trees – I had to take a few handfuls with me.


AwayLands_WestinPalmSprings_046 AwayLands_WestinPalmSprings_050 AwayLands_WestinPalmSprings_025 AwayLands_WestinPalmSprings_024

Feeling like the queen of the castle – until next time, Westin!






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