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Who knew beaches looked like this in Vietnam?



One of our first stops back in October was Phu Quoc Island, Vietnam (fun fact, the only place in Vietnam you can visit as an American without buying the $135 Visa.) We spent our first few days on the North of the island at Bamboo Cottages, fighting through the rainy season. We had heard how tropical and wonderful Phu Quoc could be, but October is not the ideal time to see it. For our last couple of days on the island we moved to Famiana Resort, and then a miracle happened – the skies opened up, the water cleared overnight, and we found ourselves on a vibrant tropical island – it was incredible how much the view changed overnight!




AwayLands_AsiaTour2016_073   AwayLands_AsiaTour2016_023 AwayLands_AsiaTour2016_022


We just ran around in the sun and palms and pool like wild little children. After a couple of weeks of rain, there was nothing more inviting than bright blues and slight sunburn.


AwayLands_AsiaTour2016_024   AwayLands_AsiaTour2016_075 AwayLands_AsiaTour2016_074

Our hotel had an archery area! It felt like being back at summer camp.

On A- Shoes: Teva, Shorts: Forever 21, Bikini: Revolve


AwayLands_AsiaTour2016_030 AwayLands_AsiaTour2016_029

On B – Shorts: RVCA

AwayLands_AsiaTour2016_032 AwayLands_AsiaTour2016_028 AwayLands_AsiaTour2016_027

Andddd Brandon broke the egg chair.



Now this title is meant to be a bit of a joke. I had heard that there were some incredible beaches in Vietnam (however, overall not as amazing as Thailand), but we did not experience that in the beginning. For us, this was a huge, and so very welcomed, surprise.





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