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Birthday Getaway to San Diego, California

AwayLands_California12-2016_006 AwayLands_California12-2016_004

Following our Santa Barbara glory day at The Biltmore, we took the long drive down the coast all the way to San Diego. Despite being born and raised in California, the times I’ve spent South of Los Angeles have been so few and far between – I don’t think I had actually been to the bottom of the state in about 10 or 15 years. There are so many blogs and articles that talk about “being a tourist in your own city” and I’ve always rolled my eyes a bit at the idea, but it’s true – there are so many things near home that I’ve never seen, never eaten, and never experienced; and it was a amazing to actually take the time to see the rest of this place I call home for a few days.

We stayed at the wonderfully chic and modern Tower23 hotel, on Pacific Beach – a place I loved because the design aesthetic reminded me so much of New York – concrete, hard lines, and great design – and with endless sunset beach views.


Five observations about this slightly-more-southern California:

  1. The ocean water is SO much clearer and SO much bluer – I had no idea it could be this nice here.
  2. The craft beer selection at the grocery store was nothing short of amazing
  3. What they call an “easy bike path” is actually a hilly route through neighborhoods, major streets, and with tons of twists and turns
  4. The best burrito in the world is at the smallest hole-in-the-wall Tommy’s Burrito
  5. Visitors get so close to the seals in La Jolla – I’ve never seen anything like it before. I felt awful for the seals, as they barked at tourists that got too close, and obviously felt threatened.



AwayLands_California12-2016_005   AwayLands_California12-2016_003 AwayLands_California12-2016_007

The hotel sunset views. The little houses along the pier are the cutest little vacation rentals I think I have ever seen. Unfortunately, the weather never got above 60 degrees, so we could not enjoy the beach right in front of us.


AwayLands_California12-2016_041 AwayLands_California12-2016_040 AwayLands_California12-2016_039

The hotel details and gloomy skies.


AwayLands_California12-2016_002   AwayLands_California12-2016_001

Two-piece dress: 6 Shore Road by Pooja


AwayLands_California12-2016_009 AwayLands_California12-2016_010

Brandon’s birthday breakfast feast at the famous Mission Cafe. And ran into one of our favorite people in the world – who just happened to be a few blocks away.


AwayLands_California12-2016_012 AwayLands_California12-2016_013

This water! How is this even California?



AwayLands_California12-2016_016 AwayLands_California12-2016_019 AwayLands_California12-2016_015 AwayLands_California12-2016_020   AwayLands_California12-2016_014 AwayLands_California12-2016_017

On A: Sunglasses – Forever 21, Bag – 6 Shore Road by Pooja, Jeans – A Gold E, Top – Free People On B: Shorts – J Brand, Shoes – Nike

We rode bikes along the beach path and through the nearby towns up to La Jolla Cove – the neighborhoods we passed were so incredibly beautiful, and so incredibly expensive. These beaches were so nice that I wished it was warm enough to get in  – but I always do.


AwayLands_California12-2016_021 AwayLands_California12-2016_022

The seals were everywhere! We had so much fun watching them play with each other and wiggle around the rocks.


AwayLands_California12-2016_023 AwayLands_California12-2016_024   AwayLands_California12-2016_025

Just as the sun was about to go down, the clouds opened up and we finally got to see the beautiful, golden late afternoon light that I just crave.


AwayLands_California12-2016_042 AwayLands_California12-2016_043

And we rode our bikes back down to the hotel into the sun. A very nice man working in his yard saw us taking photos and offered to take one of the two of us. They always come out blurry since no one seems to remember how to use a manual camera – but we still appreciated it.



AwayLands_California12-2016_028 AwayLands_California12-2016_027

We made it back to the hotel for just the last bit of the sunset.


AwayLands_California12-2016_029 AwayLands_California12-2016_030

The only real way to end a California day.


AwayLands_California12-2016_031 AwayLands_California12-2016_032




For Brandon’s birthday dinner, we went downstairs to the hotel’s restaurant, JRDN – a fancy little place right on the water. Brandon filled his birthday dreams with a giant steak – I think he got to it so fast we didn’t actually get a photo.



AwayLands_California12-2016_034 AwayLands_California12-2016_033 AwayLands_California12-2016_035

The birthday dessert tray that we were surprised with was an overwhelmingly decadent sugar bomb – and we ate the entire thing.


AwayLands_California12-2016_036 AwayLands_California12-2016_045

We’re pretty sure this restaurant may turn into a club after-hours, it has the perfect wall for photos.



The party elevator back up!



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