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Underwater World – Incredible Maldives

AwayLands_MaldivesUnderwater2016_115 AwayLands_Maldives-2017-201

The Maldives had been my biggest dream destination for a long time – the white sand, the perfect tropical beaches, the tiny islands you could walk around in just a few minutes – and the crystal water. I have been diving most of my life – my dad had been a huge Scuba diver since the 1970’s, and I got my certification at summer camp when I was 14. I took underwater photography classes in High School, and would dive with a huge underwater 35mm camera – something I think about a lot when we pull out our underwater housing (which is still just as big, but with a lot more features). However, I never got to dive anywhere tropical, and spent most of my underwater time on Catalina Island, off the coast of Los Angeles.

Finally getting into the water in the Maldives was something I feel like I had been waiting for forever – the warmth and clarity and untouched perfection. Truly the dreamiest underwater world I have ever seen.



AwayLands_MaldivesUnderwater2016_105 AwayLands_MaldivesUnderwater2016_112

From the moment you drop off the boat, the underwater life here was like nowhere else in the world I had been.


AwayLands_MaldivesUnderwater2016_120 AwayLands_MaldivesUnderwater2016_119

Obsessed with these neon blue (and lipsticked) parrot fish!



Just off the reefs of each little Maldivian island, the ocean bottom seems to drop off sharply, just a shallow, colorful wall – and then deep blue nothing. The mixed reflection on the water of the shallow, sandy bottom and the sudden drop off was one of the first things we noticed when we were exploring the island as soon as we landed.


AwayLands_MaldivesUnderwater2016_118 AwayLands_MaldivesUnderwater2016_110 Into the edge of the island and the great drop off.

Shorts: Sunno


AwayLands_MaldivesUnderwater2016_117 AwayLands_MaldivesUnderwater2016_116 AwayLands_MaldivesUnderwater2016_114

Shorts: TCSS


AwayLands_MaldivesUnderwater2016_113 AwayLands_MaldivesUnderwater2016_111 AwayLands_MaldivesUnderwater2016_109

Bikini: 6 Shore Road by Pooja



AwayLands_MaldivesUnderwater2016_104 AwayLands_MaldivesUnderwater2016_108 AwayLands_MaldivesUnderwater2016_107 AwayLands_MaldivesUnderwater2016_106

Bikini: Gypsy 05, Jewelry: Tiny Devotions


A tropical dream come true. ♥


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