May 10, 2018 Films

Film - Visit Ventura, California Tourism Board

The City of Ventura reached out to us a couple of months ago because we were posting a number of photos tagged in Ventura onto our Instagrams, and asked us how long we would be in town. They had no idea that both Brandon and I were born, raised, and currently staying in the city. When we started discussing working on a film together, we knew that that this was going to be a really special project for us - especially now. 

In December of last year, Ventura was hit with the largest fire that ever ripped across California. The Thomas Fire ravaged the cities and hillsides over 45 miles up the coast - from Santa Paula to Ojai and Santa Barbara - but almost all of the homes that were destroyed in the fire were in Ventura - including my own. The house that I was born in, that my dad spent 35 years living in, that stored everything left from our New York life, was one of the first houses to go up in flames - but so did 500 others in town. But this city, has always been home. This funky beach town as always been somewhere special, unique, and a little removed from the rest of the California Coastal towns, and we are so excited to get be the ones to share this place with the world. 

Of all of our films, this one is the most personal. We were able to cast our moms and dads, brothers and sisters and old friends, and shoot the places we grew up going to. This is our home, and it's a pretty special place.