March 30, 2018 Travel Adventures

Shoot Week at the Hyatt Regency Hua Hin, Thailand with Cindy Sirinya

Hua Hin, Thailand was a huge surprise for us, even though we had been to Thailand 4 or 5 times previously, we had never heard of this little beach town in the Bay when Hyatt Regency brought us out to continue our Hyatt campaign here. After a few days shooting in Bangkok, we drove a couple of hours out of the city to this little beach community, featuring a mix of large resorts, gorgeous golf courses, and a local small-town culture. 

This project was one we were really excited about, as it was the first video project where Brandon and I were 100% behind the camera, and not the dizzying days we're used to of being both in front of and behind the camera at the same time. We spent our first few days shooting Cindy Sirinya Bishop and her family, and had the most fun meeting and working with the entire family, and the Hyatt team. 

We rode motorbikes with sidecars:

Took a trip out to a golf course (which according to Brandon was the nicest golf course he had ever seen):

Explored the grounds:

And ate on the beach under the stars:

The coolest experience of our week here was our trip to Hutasin Elephant Foundation, where we were able to get up close to their elephants and feed, wash, and walk with them through the jungle. I have always loved Elephants, and really appreciate animal experiences where the animal's health and wellbeing is the most important factor.

Our last night with the Bishop family was the night of Loi Krathong, The annual Thai festival of lanterns and floating baskets. We happened to be in Thailand for Loi Krathong last year, however it was right after the King had passed, and the festival was very subdued last year while the country was in mourning. 

We celebrated by all releasing baskets into the pond and making wishes for the future, having dinner together, and then sending the Bishops back off to Bangkok!

Watch the film!

After the family left, it was time for the second part of this shoot - our video! We moved over to the absolutely stunning spa and wellness resort area of the Hyatt known as The Barai. 

And with the private pool, balcony, and 12 foot wide double king bed (seriously!) it was hard to ever leave our room, but there was work to do!

Like sunrise swims...

And in-room spa treatments...

We took a field trip out to a nearby winery for Thai wine tasting, which was such a cool experience - I had no idea wine was made in Thailand! 

Exploring the vineyards.

And on our way back we stumbled onto a pineapple field! We had had a few glasses of wine and were so excited to see pineapples growing in their natural habitat - a large portion of Thailand's pineapples are grown in Hua Hin and this field was endless.

I have a little bit of an obsession with how fruits and vegetables grow, and pineapples are one of my favorites. We had so much fun running through the field! 

The grounds of this hotel just feel endless, from the giant waterslide, to the Moroccan Maze-like spa and all of the pools, we never ran out of spots to shoot.

And an amazing Thailand sunset.

Towards the end of the week, the tropical rains came in.

We drove into out of the city for a hike up a mountain to a hidden temple inside of a cave, but the rains were too strong  and the ground to muddy and unsafe for us to make the trek. However, on the way back, we stumbled onto this temple deep in the mountains, built right into the limestone. It was an incredible site to see and explore - without a single other soul around. 

It was a bit raining and freezing, but even after all my journeys to Thailand, I cannot get over the stunning sites of the limestone mountains jutting out from the earth.  Every single time we go to Thailand, we find magic. We make friends, have incredible adventures, see completely unexpected sites, and find something new. Of all the countries I've travelled to, Thailand continues to be one of my favorites. From the food to the scenery to the incredible people to the gorgeous resorts and the constantly growing Western comforts, I am always so excited to return here.