June 14, 2018 Style

Style Diaries - Winter in New York City

There is no place like home. But what if home is more than once place? While California is where I was born, where I was raised, where I know the sunshine and the beach is in my blood - but New York? New York is the home I chose, the home I built, the place I poured my sweat and my tears into. The place that broke me down when I first moved, and rose me up after a few years, the place where I grew up, built my own family, and really learned how to live. Every time I return, I am reminded of my deep love for the city and this place that made me. 

But now that I don't live here, dressing for my New York trips is extra special - a place to pull out some of my most dramatic looks, my tallest boots, my blackest blacks, and everything that is just a little too much for my life in California.