June 12, 2018 Hotels And Resorts

Waking Up in Outrigger Beach Resort, Fiji

I have a huge soft spot for big, tropical, family resorts. Pretty much anything that looks like it would be the featured hotel in a Full House Hawaii Special Episode, makes me so happy inside - the more pools, bridges, and waterslides - the better. Outrigger Beach Fiji fit this perfectly - the grounds were big and expansive and we had so much fun just exploring them. 

Walking through the grounds - with tiki torches and palm trees everywhere.

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A traditional Fijian house made of wood and straw is called a Bure - and we stayed in one of the garden Bures at outrigger. I love a hotel room that feels more like your own private house - and we loved having our breakfast out here on the terrace. 

Fiji is one of the lushest places I ever seen - just greenery on top of more greenery everything. Palm, bushes, ferns, and flowers abound. 

There's always time for pool fun when the sun is out and the weather is perfect.

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Nothing better than a good tropical drink in the pool - I like mine with extra ginger.

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Ending the day with coconuts down on the beach.

And then we were treated to this incredible dream of a sunset - the way the sun light up the sky and the water was just unforgettable.

Still swimming in the warm water after the sunset turns to dusk.

More pools to explore! I love pools first thing in the morning, when they are so pristine and quiet. 

Walking in this tropical dream with you. :-)

The rains came in in the afternoon, so we stopped by the restaurant for pizza and seafood - they make all of the pizzas here in a brick oven and they were just incredible. We may have had a couple too many. 

Dancing in the rain.

We met a great guy from the activity center who challenged us to a game of Volleyball. We were two on one, but he still beat us!

Closer to sunset the rains cleared out and we headed up to The Bebe Spa - an incredible area up high atop the hill with these insane panoramic views. It's a long trek up the hill, so the spa sends a golfcart to drive up the hill. 

The views from the spa deck were just endless!

This was the bath 

Is there anything better than champagne and bathrobes?

On leaving the resort, we stumbled into this little village and got a glimpse of real, local Fijian life. I feel like people say this about so many areas of the world - but the Fijian people are some of the kindest and friendliest people that we have met anywhere in the world. Everyone smiled so genuinely, and wanted to talk to us and hear about where we were from. 

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Looking for the best papayas from the fruit stand.

And then the ladies wanted me to come behind the counter and take a photo with them. They were so nice, we ended up with more fruit than we could eat!

Everyone was just having a great time and enjoying us being there asking tons of questions and taking photos.