July 28, 2017 Wedding & Marriage Photography

Why You Should Get Disposable Cameras For Your Wedding

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To cut to the chase of where can you buy disposable cameras that are affordable (being a relative term) and reliable, I found these 2-packs from CVS.com that came very quickly and turned out perfectly. 

These are the exact cameras we bought!

Tips to make the most of Disposable Cameras:

  1. Give a couple of cameras specifically to people you trust to make the most of them
  2. Before putting the cameras out at the wedding night, turn on the flash for every camera and just leave it on, that way people won't forget to use the flash, leaving you with unusable dark photos.
  3. The film uses in disposable cameras should be fine to go through airport security scanners, however to be extra safe you can request a hand check. Simply put them all in a clear ziploc bag, and hand them to the TSA agent. Always all airports will let you have them hand-checked instead of going through the X-ray
  4. Don't wind the camera to the nexct frame after you take a photo! When you have the camera pre-wound, it's much easier to accidentally waste a frame. Just leave the camera after taking a photo and only wind it when you're ready to take another one. 
  5. When you get your film developed, have the photo lab make digital scans, so you can have perfect digital photos instead of trying to take photos of the prints with your iphone. How great do these digitals look?

These dance floor popsicles really had a major moment.

One of the add ones that was the most worth it was the cold pyro sparklers for both our first dance and for the first opening of dance floor. Everyone LOVED these so much, and they were exactly what I dreamed of.

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We used the rest of our film at the resort pool after the wedding.

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Can I do it all again?