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Dressing Locally in Sri Lanka

AwayLands_SriLanka-Fusion14_002 AwayLands_SriLanka-Fusion14_001

In preparation for our week in the Southern beaches in Sri Lanka, I stopped by the best little boutique in Colombo, Fusion 14 for some locally designed and crafted pieces. I’ve always been a huge fan of dressing up to match the theme of my surroundings (see What I wore in the Sahara Desert and my attempt at being a Game of Thrones princess in the Sevilla Alcazar), but didn’t want to feel like I was wearing a costume, since Sri Lanka is such a beautiful and modern country. Being able to wear clothing from a local designer, with silks sourced from India felt like I was being true to the modern place I was in – something I hope to do much more of in our future travels.



There’s Nothing like A California Sunset


Brandon and I grew up in this little beach town just far enough from LA to have no hint of a big city whatsoever. We were both born in a hospital that overlooked the ocean, we learned to ride bikes on this boardwalk and got pounded in these surfbreaks trying to being cool in middle school. Growing up here, you take it all for granted – the warm weather, the sunshine every day, the ability to walk to the beach, the ease of life, and that there is a sunset over the water every day of the year. It took a number of trips to a number of beaches before I realized – the sun doesn’t just set over the water, the beach at home was just at the perfect angle.


I moved out of this little town the moment I turned 18 – first just up the coast, and then out to New York. I couldn’t leave fast enough, and I’m so glad that I made that choice. But there is still an undeniable magic here. Not just because it’s home, but in the ocean and the perfectly breaking waves and the golden sun.





Blues in Yves St Laurent’s Gardens, Marrakesh


The top of my list for our few days in Marrakesh was unequivocally the Jardin Majorelle just outside of the city walls. Entering the gates felt like stepping into an actual oasis in the desert. The insane, endless buzz of Marrakesh just stopped, and even the air felt cooler.


All of the photos I had seen were so lush and vibrant – I had to make sure to wear royal blue to match.