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How to Take The Jose Cuervo Tequila Express Train to the Magical Town of Tequila, Mexico

I love a great Day Trip - and I love a great tequila! About an hour outside of Guadalajara, Mexico in Jalisco is the magical town (literally, Pueblo Mágico is an official designation from the Mexican Government) of Tequila, Mexico. The  birthplace of Tequila is vibrant, with cobble stone lined streets, and surrounded by stunning agave fields with views of Volcán de Tequila in the distance. Mundo Cuervo's train tour takes you on an ultimate day of drinking, learning about the origins of tequila, and experiencing a true Mexican tradition. When you're in Jalisco, it's great to see in a day - but also has a few amazing hotel offerings and restaurants if you want to stay and enjoy for a bit longer. 

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The Basics:

The Jose Cuervo Express is a full day experience that will take you from the center of Guadalajara on a beautiful, vintage train out to the town of Tequila and your ticket price includes the entire experience - the train ride, guided tequila tastings, meals, a tour of the factory and agave fields, and the bus back to the city.

The Cost:

A standard-class ticket runs $119 for the experience.

The higher-end Premium Plus Cabin runs around $141 for a ticket, and the highest class Diamond Wagon is $157 per person. Tickets can be purchased from Jose Cuervo, or directly through TripAdvisor.

All aboard! Inside the beautiful Diamond Class wagon 

Our first tequila of the day - at 9:30am.


The Tequila Express departs every Saturday at 9:00am from Guadalajara Station. Arrive 30 minutes to an hour early to check in, and the waiting area has coffee, hot chocolate, and light breakfast snacks of bread and fruit cups. Then you head to the train and find your assigned cabin and seat.

The Train Ride:

The first time I took a train in Europe, I got to the station naively envisioning a James Bond style, wooden-lined vintage train experience. I was not exactly a clean, modern... train. The Jose Cuervo express is by far the closet we have ever come to finally having that vintage train experience. The seats are arranged in parties of four, and the ride lasts around 90 minutes. We were in the standard class cabin, and the team came around often with water and mixed tequila drinks, and big baskets of chicken and cheese tamales, as well as other snack skewers. Then took us through a couple of guided tequila tastings. The ride takes you out through the countryside and through endless fields of blue agave.

The higher class cabins have more extensive plated meals and more liquor and tequila options to choose from. The Diamond cabin has more expansive couch and table seating with a full bar.

Train dreams finally coming true!

Being guided through our first tequila tasting.

The Itinerary:

The Sunrise Train Standard Itinerary:

09:00 am - The Jose Cuervo Express® departs from Guadalajara Station

09:30 am - Professional tasting guided by a “Maestro Tequilero”

11:00 am - Arrival to Tequila

11:35 am - Tour of the Jose Cuervo “La Rojeña” Distillery

13:00 am - Explore the Tequila Pueblo Mágico

16:15 am - Mexican Show

18:00 am - Arrival to the agave fields with “jima” (agave harvesting demonstration)

18:30 am - The Bus Departs from Tequila, Jalisco

20:00 am -  Arrival at Casa Cuervo - EDISA, Guadalajara

La Rojeña Tour:

After arriving to the own of Tequila, a lux golf cart takes you over to the working Jose Cuervo factory La Rojeña for a tour of the entire process - from roasted of the agave piñas to the distilling process and barrel storage. The distillery is actually one of the oldest in the Americas and has been producing tequila for over 250 years. You'll get to stroll through, see how the tequila making process works, and what makes them so good at what they do. 

Atop a pile of agave piñas - the mature plant after the leaves have been removed.

Inside the Jose Cuervo factory.

Freshly roasted agave.

How many barrels can I drink in a day?

Tequila Town:

The town of tequila is beautiful and very easy to walk around and explore on your own. Take the free time in the afternoon to walk through the Plaza Principal town square, visit the historic Parroquia Santiago Apostol or grab a drink at the swanky Rooftop bar of Hotel Solar de Animas

Tequila city center from above.

The Agave Fields:

Walking amongst the endless agave fields was one of my favorite parts of tequila! The scenery is absolute beautiful and photogenic, and is such a cool sight to see in person.

Sunrise in the Agave Fields

Views of the Volcano in the distance.

Make sure to wear shoes that you can get muddy! 

The Jimadors:

While you are in the agave fields, a local Jimador (a Mexican agave farmer) demonstrates how they cut and harvest the agaves in preparation for roasting and distilling. He makes it look easy, but when we tried to cut a few ourselves, you find out how difficult and physical the job really is. 

Want to Stay Longer?

The Best Hotels to Stay In:

  • Hotel Solar de las Animas - We stayed the night at the iconic Hotel Solar de la Animas, a gorgeous property right in the center of Tequila down with a popular rooftop bar, a lush garden, a very excellent on-ste restaurant and a bright orange-walled pool.

  • Matices Hotel de Barricas - One of the coolest hotel options around, Matices Hotel de Barricas has rooms set up inside giant tequila barrels out in the agave fields. 

Hotel Solar de la Animas

Hotel Solar de la Animas

Take a Horseback Ride in the Fields:

Schedule a horseback riding tour out in the agave fields for an extended experience. Here's one great tour option you can book directly online.

Where To Eat:

La Antigua Casona

Bar Chucho Reyes

After touring the distillery, you'll have a chance to explore the cute little town and maybe hit up the Margarita Bar or Plaza Juan Soriano. The town also has a couple of restaurants to grab a quick bite. For a casual dining experience, stop by La Antigua Casona, a contemporary Mexican restaurant known for its delicious and fresh organic ingredients

Stop by  Bar Chucho Reyes for a high-end cocktail in a beautiful setting.  

¡ Tequila !

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Exploring Tequila Town

Agave Piña piles at La Rojeña

Arriving in Tequila by train!

Poolside at Hotel Solar De Las Animas

Poolside at Hotel Solar De Las Animas

Beautiful Detail at Hotel Solar 

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