November 7, 2019 Travel Tips Shopping

200+ Gift Ideas for Travelers - The Ultimate Holiday (Or Anytime!) Gift Guide

Gifting Season is upon us! We've rounded this massive list of all the best, most practical, quirkiest, and most unique gifts from every corner of the internet to find the right thing for every single person on your list, with special attention to your favorite local traveler or travel lover! 

Are you ready to get WAY ahead on your holiday shopping? Search through our finds!

Stocking Stuffers + Under $20

Luggage Tags

 Carry-On Cocktail Kit

Inflatable Drink Holders

Dermalogica Travel Double Cleanse Set

  1. Plane Foot Sling - I'm not an easy plane sleeper and this has been a huge game-changer for me! It's amazing what resting your feet on a sling can do, especially on a long flight!
  2. Tide To-Go Sticks 3-pack - You never know what kind of stains you'll pick up on the road or when your next laundry will be. These are small and compact so you can take them with you wherever you go. 
  3. Self-Watering Plant Spikes - To keep those house plants from dying while you're on the road.
  4. Carry On Cocktail Kit - A great, chic little gift on it's own. Even better as a little decoy if you're giving someone a vacation!
  5. A Portable Luggage Scale - For the over-packer in your life. 
  6. Dermalogica Travel Cleanse Set - Some of the best cleansers ever made, in a convenient travel size. If you're looking for more skincare suggestions, check out my Skin-Care Round Up Here!
  7. The World's Best Memory Card Holder - Ok, storing memory cards is super unexciting, but we have been using this exact case for the past year and I've been blown away with how simple, perfect, and well-made it is. Especially if you use different kinds of cards - we keep our Canon, Sony, and Mini-sd cards all in here together. 
  8. Silicone Travel Set - Great for travel-sizing your own products.
  9. Wanderlust-inspired Jewelry from Independent Designers - Here are a few awesome, lower-cost picks from Etsy shops. Make sure to order early to have in time for the holidays! I'm loving this plane bracelet, around the world ring, mountain-range pendant, minimalist airplane ring, kitschy earrings, and world map necklace
  10. Cute luggage tags - Identify your luggage in style with these adorable luggage tags. Go for a bold color to make your bags easier to spot at baggage claim. Check out another style here!
  11. Jamaican Hot Sauce - We discovered this Scotch Bonnet Sauce in Jamaica, and I ordered the 3-pack on Amazon before we even left the airport. It's very hot and very tasty and I am living for it. a Perfect little add-on for a hot sauce lover.
  12. Salt Fat Acid Heat Cookbook - The book that inspired the popular Netflix show, this goes into detail on the elements of cooking and how foods interconnect with culture. 
  13. Pocket Disco Ball - A disco light you can plug in to you phone to create a dance party anywhere!
  14. Spaced Out Sleep Mask - A sleep mask is a travel essential. This one is bold, fun, and inexpensive.
  15. Lion Latch Jewelry Keeper - Ever since getting engaged, I always make sure to have this with me as a place to securely store my ring. I've started buying them for friends whenever they get engaged as a little gift as well! The design will also fit small necklaces and pendants as well as rings if you have other jewelry to secure.
  16. A Dry Bag Backpack - This is one of those items that we meant to buy forever, and then as soon as we did weren't sure how we ever lived without it. A dry bag is specifically designed to keep everything inside completely dry, even if you go swimming or duck it in the water. We got the large 40L version (to fit the entire camera or drone bag), in neon orange (to spot easily in case it gets lost) and take it with us everywhere tropical. It's great if you need to kayak or swim somewhere, to use as a hiking backpack if there's a chance of rain, or to just make sure you don't ruin your camera or phone. As a bonus, if it gets muddy, you can just hose it off! 
  17. CBD Lip Balm - Great to look at, and great to use to keep your lips from getting strapped.
  18. Inflatable Drink Holders - So you never need to get out of the pool again.
  19. Our Adventure Book Scrapbook - Inspired by the movie UP (try not to cry.) This would be great to give fresh and new in a newer relationship, or filled with photos and mementos for a longer relationship. Or fill with family photos and make your mom cry. 
  20. Home State Jumbo Mug - Rep your home or (just your favorite) state with these oversized, cute mugs. 

Silicone Travel Set 

Self-Watering Plant Spikes

Portable Luggage Scale

Spaced Out Sleep Mask

  1. Travel Towels - These microfiber towels are quick drying and super lightweight. Toss them in your backpack for day trips or whip them out and use as a yoga mat for a quick session! 
  2. A Thumb Drive - ....Literally. A thumb. 
  3. Mike's Hot Honey - Have you ever had this on pizza? Because if not, your life is not complete!
  4. Tortoise Shell Hair Clips - These may be the most adult and chic barrettes I have ever seen. 
  5. Travel Pill Organizer - These are so helpful in keeping all your pills and vitamins organized so you remember to take them! 
  6. Reusable Snack Bags - Packing snacks is a must when you're on the road. Do it with these environmentally-friendly bags. They're also great for holding makeup. 
  7. Exercise Dice - The perfect way to shake up your workout routine! 
  8. Burt's Bees Hand Repair Gift Set - The constant traveling can leave your skin dry. Make sure to take some time to pamper yourself at home with this set. 
  9. Compression Socks - These special socks enhance oxygen blood flow to your calves and feet helping circulation during plane rides. They're also great for any outdoor activities. 
  10. Double-sided make-up brush set
  11. Monogrammed Coasters - How adorable are these monogrammed coasters from Anthropologie! Or opt for these monogrammed white marble bottle stoppers
  12. Sugarfina - Baby champagne bears.. need I say more? 
  13. Quick Wipes for Your Shoe - Keep your favorite pair of shoes clean while you're on the road with these quick wipes. One wipe gets rid of dirt and other stains. They're individually packed so they're perfect for stashing in your car or in your bags. 
  14. Door Wedge Security Alarm - Keep your valuables safe from theft with this simple device. If someone is trying to open your door, a loud security alarm will wake you up. 
  15. Foldable Travel Duffle Bag - This ultra-lightweight and durable bag is water resistant and meets the carry-on size limits. They come in super handy in case you overpacked and need to pull a couple of heavy items out of your luggage. 
  16. National Geographic Journeys for Two Book - Take a note from the world's two longest honeymooners in this guide book packed with unforgettable travel tips. 
  17. Travel Utensils - Portable travel cutlery made of stainless steel. This set includes a knife, fork, spoon, chopsticks, cleaning brush, straws, and a portable case. 
  18. Perfect Selfie Ring Light - Wherever you go, take the perfect selfie light with you! The lens attachment is designed to fit on your smartphone for the perfect LED flash ring and best selfie potential. 

Gifts from $20 - $50

Passport Wallet with Charger

Travel Fund Piggy Bank

International Plug Adapters

Holiday Party Earrings

  1. TRTL Travel Pillow - A comfy travel pillow with good chin support is essential for those red eyes. It's made of a microfiber material that is washable cover so it's fresh fo your next trip. 
  2. Comfy but Chic Sweatpants - Travel in comfort and athliesure style with some classic Nike Sweats.
  3. Passport Wallet with Built in Phone Charger - If you're on your phone as much as I am, this wallet with a built in phone charger will come in handy. 
  4. Travel Jewelry Case - Traveling with jewelry can be a headache! Keep all your pieces organized and untangled with this handy jewelry case. It has a compartment for everything!
  5. A Roomy Carry-On Tote Bag - It's sturdy and full of pockets to keep all your essentials. 
  6. A Travel Mug - These keep your drinks safe from leaks and at the same temperature you want. 
  7. A Set of Packing Cubes - These are essential for keeping all your stuff organized! 
  8. A 4-pack of Wine Wings - Have a wine-tasting journey planned? These are great to bring bottles home with you securely.
  9. Passport Wallet
  10. A Manly Toiletry Bag - For the rugged but stylish travel man in your life
  11. A Unique Skyline Ring of Your Favorite City - A different and cool take on travel-inspired jewelry
  12. Scratch-Off Travel Map - A less expensive option with a great concept. 
  13. Cork Globe - Same concept as the travel map but this one comes with colorful pins you place on a cork map. 
  14. The Perfect Christmas Party Earrings - How cute are these Kate Spade Glitter studs? Such a chic little gift for a co-worker or friend.
  15. An All-in-One Travel Kit - A great gift for a travel newbie! A cute little case filled with plane sized versions of everything you need to survive a long-haul. 
  16. An Acrylic bag that only looks expensive - This $20 Paris crossbody is a perfect city accessory. 
  17. Alex and Ani Dreamcatcher Bangle - A little boho-style accessory.
  18. Big-Night-In Kit - Because travelers know... when you're home. You're HOME and you are not going anywhere. Get cozy, stay in.
  19. Beer Cap USA Map - For the craft beer enthusiast. Save a bottle cap from a Brewery in every state, or a bottle cap drank in every state you've been to.
  20. An Inflatable Bed/Couch/Lounger - Half a joke gift... and half something that looks super practical and I'm pretty sure I need to own immediately.
  21. Travel Fund Piggy Bank - To remember what you are saving for.
  22. A Globe Whiskey Decanter - A classy whisky decanter with a globe and sailing ship motif - such a cool little gift for a Whiskey-drinking man or woman in your life.
  23. Roaming America: Exploring All the National Parks Hardcover Book - A beautiful travel book shot by friends Renee and Matthew on their epic year-long trip through every National Park in America. Beyond photos, there's great information on every park, and camping, hiking, and backpacking tips. Great for any American hiking enthusiast or National Geographic fan!
  24.  A Chic Picnic Blanket with Leather-style Straps - How cute is this for the beach or a park picnic? BRB adding to my own cat.
  25. A Stand-Out Umbrella - Rain happens. Look cute and prepared when it does. These Kate Spade Umbrellas are some of the best I've seen! 
  26. Electric Organizer - An organizer for those who aren't so organized. Great for putting all your cords and chargers. 
  27. International Outlet Adapters - Adapters that will work for 150 countries. Bonus points when they're shaped like legos! 
  28. Travel Coffee Maker - Perfect for tiny apartments, or someone that really cannot get out of bed before their cup of coffee.
  29. Illustrated Cities Wall Art - These Rifle Co prints are the chicest travel illustrations I have ever seen. Linked is Los Angeles - click through for Tokyo, London, and Paris
  30. Under/Over Dome for GoPro - Add this on to your GoPro to get those split shots both in and out of the water. A must for tropical travelers!

Travel Jewelry Case

Chic Picnic Blanket

Globe Whiskey Decanter

Kate Spade Umbrellas

  1. Bluetooth Laser Keyboard - A make-shift keyboard to make you feel like James Boneswhen you need to work without a laptop. Or on a flight that doesn't have power outlets to charge said laptop (my biggest flying pet peeve!)
  2. Gold Pineapple Twinkle Lights - These may be the coolest battery powered lights I have ever seen. I've already ordered two! 
  3. All-in-One Tech Kit - A great gift for mom or grandma! A cute pouch packed with a phone stand, chargers, earbuds, and a password keeper book to help bring your loving Boomer into the 21st century.
  4. A La Colombe Coffee Subscription - Get great coffee delivered on a monthly basis. Yes please!
  5. Collapsible Water Bottle- Space efficiency is a lifesaver! These are perfect for tossing in your bag when you're out for a day trip and filling up along the way. 
  6. Adjustable Workout Weights - You can vary the size of your dumbbells weight set depending on your energy. These weights hold between 0-45 lbs. Their small and portable so you can pack in your bag and get a few workouts in even when you're traveling! 
  7. Liquid I.V. Hydration Multiplier- If you're constantly forgetting to drink water, these are for you. This electrolyte drink delivers more hydration to your bloodstream than water. 
  8. Rifle Paper Co Travel Journal - This company makes the best journals designs. Each page includes a spot to note the location and date of all your wanderlust memories. If you're a fan of the company, also check out these Rifle Paper Co. Passport Notebooks. It's the perfect pocket notebook to jot down all your thoughts. 
  9. Moon Juice Supplements - Toss a little extra energy into your morning coffee or tea. These blends help regulate stress hormones for mind & body support. 
  10. Portable Espresso Machine - For those coffee junkies! 
  11. Travel Tea Set - Have tea on the road with this set. It comes with a porcelain teapot & teacups, bamboo tea tray and tea mat with a portable travel bag. 
  12. Waterproof Phone Case - These are so helpful for boat rides. For a cheaper option, purchase one of these clear waterproof pouches to keep your phone in. 
  13. Initial Huggie Earrings - Add a personalized touch with these initial Huggie earrings. 
  14. Scrunchie Set - The 90s are making a comeback! This scrunchie set by Slip are made of silk so it's designed to be gentle on your hair while preventing frizz. 
  15. Personalized Airpod Case - Know exactly which Airpods are yours with these stylish leather monogrammed Airpod case. 
  16. Fanny Pack - If you're shooting as much as we are, having your hands-free is a blessing! This perfectly sized belt bag is perfect for trips or a walk around the city. 
  17. Aromatherapy Diffuser - Now you can have the relaxing scents of your favorite spa in the comfort of your own home! This electric diffuser fills your home with scents you love for when you want to wind down. 
  18. Kiehl's 5-Piece Gift Set - This set has all your essentials for face and body in a convenient travel size. 
  19. Face Mask - Korean beauty products are always fun to try out like this snail jelly sheet face mask. They're perfect to take on the road and use after plane rides when you're feeling a little dry. 
  20. Water Filter Bottle -  This reusable water bottle filters 99.9% of waterborne parasites & bacteria from water in places where access to fresh water might be difficult.
  21. Camera Lens Pen - Nothing is more annoying that a dirty camera lens when you're trying to get the shot. This compact camera lens cleaner is the size of pen and easy to carry around. 
  22. Airplane Mode - Let people know you're in airplane mode with this super comfy crewneck sweatshirt. 
  23. Grow Your Own Shiitake Kit - Grow your own organic shiitake mushrooms at home with this mushroom growing log. The logs are cut from oak trees, giving it that earthy, woodsy flavor. All you need to do is wet your log and store it in a cool, dry place. You will have fresh mushroom harvest in 7-12 months and they last for up to 3 years! 
  24. Self-watering Pepper Planter - This special jar automatically releases the right amount of moisture into the soil so you only need to water it once a week. The kit comes with all the materials you need to grow your peppers - seeds, soil, and fertilizer spikes. 
  25. Personal Water Filter - This straw can filter up to 1000 liters of contaminated water and is perfect for carrying while camping, hiking, and traveling. 
  26. 225 of World's Most Amazing Places - NatGeo has compiled a list of the world's 225 most amazing places to travel to inspire you wanderlust  -from scenic islands, tp white-sand seashores and rain forests. 
  27. Power Inverter - These are perfect for long road trips.
  28. Campfire Travel Games - Perfect for group travel. A deck of cards, six dice, and a score pad makes for long hours of fun game night. 
  29. Organize Your Travel Gear - Traveling is a lot easier with these stylish pouches. There's a bag for your shoes, a bag for your dirty laundry, a bag for your electronics, and a bag for your undergarments. 
  30. Wander Often Eco-friendly Travel Kit - Everything in this canvas bag is travel-compliant. Inside each bag you'll find a small bar of soap, body wash, shampoo, a hand salve and a lip balm. 
  31. Standing charge dock for Airpods and iPhone: Keep your hands free while using FaceTime or Skype with this device. 
  32. Packing Folder for Travel Clothes - Keep your clothes relatively wrinkle-free in this special folder that folds and stores up to 10 clothing items. When you unpack, you'll be grateful your clothes comes out looking pressed rather than a wrinkled mess! 

Gifts from $50 - $100

Quay Sunglasses

Olaplex Travel Hair Care Set

Customized Leather Camera Strap

Classic Fjallraven Backpack

  1. Bose Soundlink Micro Speaker - I have talked at length about how much I LOVE this little speaker. We've taken ours everywhere we've gone for two years and it still looks and works as well as it did on Day 1. A powerful, portable, waterproof design that slips into any bag and is THE perfect travel speaker for only $99.  
  2. Quay Sunglasses - They're cool, they're durable, they're affordable, and they're photogenic - Quay has quickly become my favorite sunglass brand over the last couple of years. At $50-70 a pair full-price, I have half a dozen and they continue to be some of my most worn and most photographed sunglasses. Check out the Don't Ask Me for a vintage vibe, the Roadie for a bold dresser, the After Hours for a city girl, and the Walk On for a stylish man in your life.
  3. Aaptiv Annual Membership - Gift a full year of take - anywhere work outs for $99, or sign up for yourself.
  4. Olaplex Travel Hair Care Set - The Crown Jewel of Haircare, this value pack has all 4 top products in convenient travel sizes. Also check out this Anti-Humidity set from Ouidad and this Hydration Pack from Morroccan Oil.
  5. A Customized Leather Camera Strap - Tooled with the coordinates of your most special place, an amazing and meaningful gift for any travel photography enthusiast. Or for your Instagram boyfriend!
  6. A Subscription to Rosetta Stone - What better way to encourage more travel than to be able to communicate better around the world? I was recently reading that less than 1% of Americans can speak a second language they learned outside the home. It's way beyond time to start changing that.
  7. Away Lands Presets! - A little self-plug here, up your photography game with our presets! A great way to start creating better travel photos. Use code 'IREADYOURBLOG' for 10% off any of our packs!
  8. InCase Tracto Duffel Comfortable BackPack - This is the exact bag Brandon has been carrying on to every flight we've taken for the past 3 years. It's super practical, large enough to fit a ton inside, and discreet enough to not get called out on even the cheapest of airlines. It fits great over a carry-on suitcase
  9. A Classic Fjallraven Backpack - The cool bag for today's High Schoolers is classic and sturdy enough for even the most grown of adults. And comes in lots of fun colors!
  10. The Best Ever Travel Scarf - I am obsessed with this Spell Scarf and take it with me everywhere I go. It's soft, light, and gauzy, and I've used it as a turban, tube top, sarong, wrap for when air conditioning is too aggressive, actual neck scar and even as a hobo sack. A lot of scarves will do, but this one is truly something special. Also check out this other gorgeous print.
  11. New Amazon Kindle - Most of us definitely haven't been able to get enough reading in our lives since iphones took over. Bring books new life with a super lightweight, portable, e-reader. Kindles were the first, and are still the best. Also always a great gift for mom or grandma! The technology is simple and easy to use for even the least technical family members. 
  12. The Instant Pot - I know I'm not the first person to tell you about the Instant Pot but think of it this way. Less time spent cooking + less money on take out = more time, money, and energy for travel planning! See it's definitely related....

Amazon Kindle

L'Occitane Advent Calendar

FujiFilm Instax Mini Camera

Instant Pot

  1. FujiFilm Instax Mini Camera - Takes Cute Photos AND Looks Cute in Photos. Perfect for a teen... or those of us that are just nostalgic for our analogue youth. 
  2. A Solar-powered Battery Charger - Is the future here? This solar powered portable pack is especially great for a backpacker, camper, or off-the-grid adventurer. 
  3. L'Occitane Advent Calendar of Dreams - A chic, adult advent calendar of 24 boxes filled with skincare and beauty minis. I love this idea and think I need to buy one for myself!
  4. A classic Saks Illustrated Popcorn Tin - Gourmet popcorn to eat this year, and a beautiful tin to keep and reuse for a lifetime. 
  5. A Premium Photogenic Floatie - Funboy is really the brand that launched the massive floatie trend, and still makes some of the best and most unique ones out there! Depending on your giftee, choose between the glittery unicorn, the private jet, or a massive oversized cloud and rainbow daybed. They are also available on Amazon here.
  6. A Rugged, vintage-style Camera bag - travel with a camera and lenses securely, and with style.
  7. Kim + Ono Watercolor Silky Robe - A gorgeous robe for any occasion.
  8. A Stylish and Functional Watch - For the girl who could use an extra motivation to be on time.  
  9. Fossil Clutch Wallet - This wallet has a card slot for everything! With 12 slots, this wallet will keep all your cards organized. 
  10. Stylish Faux Fur Jacket - This stylish faux fur jacket is at the top of my list. You can dress it up or down!
  11. Cute Blanket - Cozy up with the stylish and comfortable Pendleton Chief Joseph Muchacho Blanket!
  12. Your Go-to One-Piece Swimsuit - This Derek Lam one-piece swimsuit is comfortable and chic. The cross-back strap with lace-up ties gives it just enough.
  13. CalPak Packing Cube Set - A place for everything. These packing cubes will make sure everything has a spot. There's also a water-resistant pouch for wet/dry storage
  14. Men's Fleece Robe - Oh so comfy! 
  15. Men's Ugg Slipper - These comfy slippers will make you feel like you'e walking on clouds. Plus they're super versatile - you can wear them indoors and outdoors. 
  16. Comfy and Stylish Men's Shoe - This leather sneaker from Everlane is the perfect cross between stylish and functional. 
  17. Classic Beanie - A classic rib-knit wool beanie. Need I say more? 
  18. Camera Mount Clip - Camera mount securely holds DSLR, compact and point-and-shoot cameras during any physical activity. It attaches to any strap leaving your hands free until you need the camera. 
  19. Outdoor Hammock - This hammock for two is durable and compact, perfect for camping. Take it anywhere, set it up, and relax! 
  20. Allbirds Wool Runners - They've been nicknamed the most comfortable shoes and they really do live up to the hype! They're made from wool but surprisingly soft and lightweight keeping your feet happy. You'll feel like you're walking on air. 
  21. Leather Multitool - This tool functions as pliers, replaceable wire cutters, wire stripper, plain and serrated knives, saw, spring-action scissors, ruler, can and bottle openers for your tool-friendly friends. 
  22. The Transit Backpack - The ultimate airport backpack. This travel-friendly backpack by Everlane includes an exterior laptop pocket for easy TSA access, zip pockets for passports and tickets, and two water bottle holders. 
  23. Tile Item Tracker - Track your important items with this Tile ring. If you lose an item, the Tile app will send location updates to your app. 
  24. Sky's The Limit Airplane Paperweight
  25. Gold Luggage Tag Charm - We fell in love with our trip to Cape Town! This tag charm comes in14K gold vermeil or sterling silver and can be added to any chain necklace. 

Gifts from $100 - $250

Away Bigger Carry On Suitcase

Goodnight Macaroon Over The Knee Boots

Nike Air Max Sneakers

Lo and Sons Camera Purse

  1. Away Bigger Carry On Suitcase - Away majorly changed the suitcase game for the better, the product really holds up to the reputation. This Bigger Carry On size fits a shocking amount inside, will survive hundreds and hundreds of flights. 
  2. The Blogger-Famous Over The Knee Boots - I will admit, I was 100% Influenced into buying these boots by a fashion blogger and I ADORE them. Great quality and style Suede boots for an under-$200 price! I have both the Taupe AND the tan colors. 
  3. A Cute AF Floral Suitcase - For a bold girl (or dude!) that wants to stand out at baggage claim.
  4. The World's Chicest Jewelry Box - I am in love with this Alice & Olivia piece and want to pull it out in the fanciest of hotel bathrooms.
  5. A gorgeous, customized travel map - There are a lot of these on Etsy, and this one of the best designed and prettiest ones I've found.Order early to get it by Christmas!
  6. Sorel Snowboots - The Gold-standard in snow boots, nothing gets you through a winter ski trip or a snowy city with dryer feet than Sorels. Mine lasted me all 8 winters I lived in NYC and look like they will last at least another 20. 
  7. A Serious Travel Tripod - This is the exact tripod we use and take with us everywhere. The carbon fiber is super strong and sturdy, but weighs only a couple of pounds, and the design is super portable and adjustable.
  8. Nike Air Max Sneakers - Because every girl needs a break from heels and boots, you can still dress these up and look great, while saving your feet. 
  9. Ugg Boots Classics - So, Uggs are probably the most devise footwear brand, but let me elaborate. There is nothing better when it is cold, then coming home and putting on your Ugg boots. I have been wearing Uggs at home every winter since I was 12 years old - and I am literally only on my second pair. Literally. My mom bought me a pair in Middle School that I wore to death, and then I bought my second pair when I was 19 at working at Nordstrom in college. That's it, I still have that same pair over 10 years later. And I still wear them every winter. And they still make me so so happy. You cannot go wrong with them!
  10. Lo and Sons Camera Purse - This is one of my favorite purses, and is also designed to hold your camera easily and stealthily! A great quality leather bag in a perfect size, with some special features. I take this traveling very often and it's held up very well the past couple of years. 
  11. Nespresso Coffee and Espresso Maker - So your home feels a little bit more like a fancy hotel room. 
  12. Spell Mini Boho Dress - Spell & The Gypsy makes some of the best boho travel dresses around. A great style-staple for a variety of destinations. I'm also needing this teal Seashell print!
  13. FOREO LUNA Face Exfoliator Brush - I keep my face feeling exfoliated and clean with this brush. It's especially handy after a long day of traveling with makeup. 

Chic Jewelry Box

Customized Travel Map

Sorel Snowboots

Nespresso Coffee and Espresso Maker

  1. Fluffy Nike Sherpa Jacket - This cozy jacket is perfect for long airplane rides. Bonus points - it comes with a hood and pockets! 
  2. Allison Lou Jelly Hoop Earrings - These bright and colorful hoop earrings are a 90s dream come true! 
  3. VitaJuwel Water Bottle - Tap into your inner self with this gemstone water bottle. The gems help with oxidation and pH of the water. 
  4. Silk Ultimate Beauty Gift Set - I absolutely love my Silk pillowcases. They help to keep hair smooth and pillows cool.  What could be better than sleeping on a silk pillowcase and wearing a luxurious silk sleep mask for a night of uninterrupted sleep. 
  5. Ride-on Carry-on Suitcase - Not only can you ride on this suitcase while you have someone roll you through the airport, but this suitcase doubles as a leg rest. 
  6. Pet Carrier - This cushioned carrier lets you travel with your small puppy stress-free!
  7. Plush Throw - You can never have enough plush throws for your bed or couch. Check out this CozyChic super-soft microfiber blanket that is perfect for cozy nights. Or this plush throw at a bargain price. 
  8. Watch and Sunglasses Storage Case - This genuine leather case will keep your valuables scratch free while you're traveling. It has a spot for two sunglasses and 2 watches. 
  9. Drybar Heated Straightening Brush - This 2 in 1 device is perfect for travel. It has the heat of a flattening iron to smooth our your hair as you brush. 
  10. Self-watering Indoor Garden - We love to grow plants but it's not always easy to care for them when you travel as much as we do. This smart garden system allows it to grow with minimal maintenance. There's a built-in water reservoir that holds a month's worth of water and an LED lamp for light. 
  11. Modern Walking Boot - These boots were made for walking. This classic favorite with a short heel and elastic side panels is a pair you can keep for years to come. 
  12. Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer for iPhone - These are perfect for vloggers or those just starting to vlog. 
  13. Local Deals from Living Social - For some of us, experiences are much more exciting gifts than things. Pre-plan a few date nights, massages, dance classes, or other fun, unique experiences at - and almost everything on the site comes with a great discount!

Gifts from $250 - $500

Bose 700 Headphones

Nintendo Switch

Conquest Maps Customized Travel Map

GoPro Hero 8

  1. Bose 700 Headphones - Wireless noise-cancelling headphones that has up to 20 hours of battery life. 
  2. GoPro Hero 8 - I'm pretty sure it's against the law to go on a tropical or adventurous vacation without a GoPro these days! Every year the 
  3. The Dyson Hairdryer - Fun fact, Brandon and I BOTH bought this for each other for Christmas last year (we returned one). This is the world's best hair-dryer and the Dyson cult-following will fight you to the death if you disagree.
  4. A Nintendo Switch - I'm not much into video games, but I've always loved Nintendo and I especially loved the Nintendo Wii! Brandon bought be  the new Switch for my birthday, and I wasn't sure about it at first. However, the ability to play games both on our TV at home, and then to continue our game on the road on the console on the road has been SO MUCH FUN. Brandon is currently obsessed with Mario Kart, and I've been working my way through Mario Odyssey! Also available on Amazon here.
  5. A Conquest Maps Customized Travel Map - We got this map for our home before we even got a home, and it is one of my favorite things that we own. Our map (we have the large 3-panel style) is displayed over our dining table and the first thing I do every time we return from traveling is to put a new pin in our newest destination. It's one of the first things everyone notices when they come over to our place, and that we get the most complements on. I truly just adore this, and it's such an amazing gift for your significant other!
  6. At Home Camera Security System - Travel stress-free with the new ring doorbell.  Connect your Ring doorbell with Alexa and have all latest updates on your packages while you're on the road. 
  7. Hypervolt Handheld Massage Device- When you're on the road as much as we are, a portable massager is key. Get a deep tissue massager like this one. Your muscles will thank you later. 
  8. iRobot Roomba 675 Robot Vacuum - Nothing is as nice to coming home to a clean house after you've been on the road traveling. You can connect and have this iRobot cleans on its own from anywhere. Not to mention it's self-charging! 
  9. Stow Travel & Tech The First Class Leather Case - For the discerning business traveler, an ultralux leather case for all their documents cables and documents.
  10. Vacation Packages Under $500 - Yes it's possible! Check for their insane flight + hotel deals.

Dyson Hairdryer 

Ring Camera System

Hypervolt Handheld Massage Device

iRobot Roomba Robot Vacuum 

  1. A Statement Cashmere Sweater - I never get on a plane without a sweatshirt, and last year switched up my standard sweatshirt to a lux cashmere sweater - and I have never been more comfortable or cozy! Also a chic oversized cashmere sweater can still make you look like you're put together, while traveling through airports in leggings.
  2. WANDRD Travel & Camera Backpack - I have a number of full-time-traveling friends that swear by this backpack. It's sturdy, hefty, expands to fit a ton inside, and has lots of great organization and pockets. A serious traveler's favorite!
  3. Fossil Backpack - This animal print backpack is the perfect carry-on for when you want to be stylish. It comes with 2 Adjustable & Detachable Backpack/Crossbody Straps so you can wear it any way you want. 
  4. Apple AirPods Pro - Airpods are a must for us so we can get work done while we're traveling. The new version comes with a soft silicone tip for more comfort. 
  5. Silky Pajama Set - There's no better feeling than slipping into a set of silky pajamas. These matching set are the perfect amount of silky. 
  6. Babour Waxed Jacket - This classic jacket never goes out of style. 
  7. Smeg Retro Style Citrus Juicer - Who wouldn't want to do a juice cleanse with this cute retro style juicer. After a long trip, it's nice to press pause and do a juice cleanse to get back on track. 
  8. Patagonia Down Jacket - These down jackets are ultra-versatile and keep you super warm. They're also easily foldable and perfect for packing into small spaces. 
  9. 800-Thread Count Egyptian Cotton Sheets - Fall asleep to these 800-Threat count Egyptian cotton sheets. The minute you close your eyes, you'll be fast asleep. 

The Big Ones - $500+

Rimowa Classic Topas Suitcase

DJI Mavic Pro 2 Drone

Sony A7R IV Camera

Sigma Art Series Lens

  1. The World's Best Boots - The Internet has been saying for YEARS that these Stuart Weitzman Boots are the greatest Over The Knee boots of all time. They also come in a block heel version that I like even better.
  2. An All-Inclusive Caribbean Getaway at Sandals - Could there be anything better than watching your person find out they are going on a dream vacation? And all the champagne is included! Not sure if Sandals is for you? Check out our stay at Sandals Barbados.
  3. The Rimowa Classic Topas Suitcase - Eternally stylish, chic, and a forever status symbol, Rimowa has been the top-tier suitcase for decades. They are also incredibly well-made, and have a famous warranty. Brandon and I bought a set when we first started traveling and I still love walking through an airport with them. 
  4. DJI Mavic Pro 2 Drone - The best combination of size, power, and quality, this is the drone that we use by far the most often and recommend the most.
  5. Sony A7R IV Camera - I cannot speak highly enough about the Sony Mirrorless line and how incredible these cameras are. We started with the A7R II, upgraded to the III a couple years later, and are now on to the IV. I LOVE this camera, and if you are serious about photography, there is nothing I would recommend more. A truly professional camera in a portable, perfect-for-travel size.
  6. Sigma Art Series 24mm f/1.4 Lens - If I had to take a trip with only one lens, this would be the one! we had previously only bought native Sony lenses, but at half the price and 100% of the quality, this Sigma Art Series is incredible. The 24mm wide-angle length is perfect for street scenes and interiors, and the f/ 1.4 provides a powerfully dynamic depth of field. Most of the images I've posted the past 6 months have come straight out of this lens. Click here for the Canon and Nikon versions!

GG Marmont Mini Matelasse Camera Bag

Stuart Weitzman Boots

Golden Goose Superstar Glitter Low Top Sneaker

J.W. Hulme Charles Messenger Leather Briefcase

  1. A one-stop vacation package from Southwest Vacations - Overwhelmed with travel planning, or just want to book a quick surprise getaway? Book flights and an all-inclusive resort in one click from SouthWest Vacations for a seamless experience. I keep sending this to Brandon hoping he'll surprise me but Im' still waiting.....
  2. Golden Goose Superstar Glitter Low Top Sneaker - Nothing says stylish and comfortable like a pair of these sneakers!
  3. FlashForge 3D Printer - This is a great 3D Printer with little hassle. 
  4. Coffee Table Refrigerator - Talk about multi-functional furniture! This coffee table has a built-in refrigerator drawer, touch screen controls, and laptop/phone charging capabilities. 
  5. A Plan Ticket to Anywhere - If you're looking for a great flight deal to give someone a dream trip, check Cheap-O-Air for some of the best deals on the internets. 
  6. Gucci Matelass√© Leather Mini Chain Camera Bag - A fashion blogger icon at an under-$1000 price point. Endlessly in style and easy to slip into any suitcase. 
  7. Canada Goose Down Parka - Slim and chic. This down parka offers the most extreme weather protection! 
  8. Moncler Down Vest - Stay fashionable and warm in this popular down vest.
  9. Leather Messenger Bag - This is the perfect gift for your fashion-forward businessman. 
  10. Underwater Photography Drone - Explore and take photos underwater. It can go 98 feet deep and shoots 4K.  

You Can Get a Gift Card for That?

Still not sure you've found the perfect gift? Here are a few unexpected giftcard options that are more exciting and feel more thoughtful than the basics.

  1. Airbnb - A gift that be redeemed anywhere. If you've never used Airbnb, check it out for some truly unique stays. Click through my link here to get up to $55 your first stay!
  2. Etsy- Tons of unique, gift ideas here. The possibilities on Etsy are truly endless.
  3. - Gift someone a stay literally anywhere! Available in amounts from $10-10000
  4. - Pre-pay for restaurants in your city or in hundreds of cities around the world for great discount deals (Such as buying a $50 restaurant certificate for $20!) 
  5. Away Luggage - Not sure exactly what size or color your traveler wants most? Let them choose.

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